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Great Eating Habits Privacy Policy

The privacy of any visitors to greateatinghabits.com is closely guarded and we will never divulge any information to third parties nor share any information with anyone or other organization. We realize that your privacy is important.

We never collect any personal information on our visitors. Our log files only have very generic information that is only used to record bandwidth and traffic numbers.

The logs may contain information such as your IP address (or your ISP's IP address), browser, and country of origin. This is used only for purposes of activity and not specific visitor data.

We do not use cookies or store any information on your computer. We never sell or provide any information to any third party, period. We respect your privacy and you can be assured that we will never record any visitor information or provide it to others. 

If you have any questions, just email us at the email address below:

info at greateatinghabits.com
(put in the @ sign where at is without spaces - we did this to keep the spam down)   

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